Spy camera with digital technology

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Digital cameras that can capture still pictures and record audio and video images does not need to be bulky. As a matter of fact, the spy camera niche has taken the technology of digital image taking and audio recording and fitted them into watch spy camera, pens, spectacles, ashtrays and even gadgets as small as the car key chain.

 Essentially the spy camera segment can be viewed at from categories like the watch spy camera that include alarm clocks and table clocks that have cunningly implanted camera lenses that can record images in high resolution. An alarm clock placed on a table top or bedside desk not only can tell time but also detect voices and  motion and record imagery in night vision. An ideal spy camera so innocuous looking nobody will suspect it to be anything else but a time keeping appliance and you have a spy camera installed. Another type of spy camera  camcorder has the ability to record up to 8 GB capacity in audio /video and also a MP 4 video player with a 1.5 inch LCD screen.

 Then the spy camera pens, innocent looking writing instruments with pinhole sized camera lenses able to capture and record digital imagery, depending on model, range from 2 GB to 8GB in memory storage. Images in JPEG format completely PC friendly with data retrievable and transferable to DVR or via USB .

How about the spy camera glasses.  Cool looking shades that can be worn on a sunny day but with the additional surveillance technology imbedded in the form of a tiny digital camera concealed in the middle that is undetectable. Some versions have Bluetooth applications as well as video and phone recording.

 Spying need not be a sinister word, the sunglasses are good for discreetly recording images of pretty women or documenting candid footage of people in the natural behavior when they are completely unaware that they are being Videographed. Images documented this way can be fun and amusing but the user must always be mindful of limitations of privacy and not cross the line.Spy cameras used responsibly can be an entertaining device or gadget that provides entertainment and fun.

And of course with the spy cameras so easily available, it is not surprising that there are anti spy devices as well. Like the white smart anti spy wireless RF Hidden camera, designed to detect multiple band frequencies from 100-2600 MHz within a range of a 10 meters.These devices can detect hidden cameras, listening spy devices or bugs and has a battery life of 1 to 2 years.

Incredibly these are very cheap affordable devices that cost less than $50. The spy camera, spy camera pens and spy sunglasses. Anything that can possibly be fitted with a digital camera can be done with a bit of ingenuity.


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